Procedure - Hygiene in times of Covid-19



This document is part of strategy to conduct research during the Covid-19 pandemic. This document describes available instruction videos for hygiene. For more information, go to the GIfMI website ( or contact (GIfMI Director), (GIfMI Site Manager) or (GIfMI Research Assistant).

GIfMI has developed some instruction videos on how to work at the facility in the best hygienic conditions.
These can be viewed by clicking the links below or by navigating the menu. A digital flyer with instructions can be found below the video. 
The Scanning Checklist describes when and which hygienic actions need to be taken.
Correct use of a surgical maskInstruction video showing how to corrrectly put on, off, handle and store a surgical mask.
Hand hygiene - Wash with water and soapInstruction video describing step-by-step how to wash your hands.
Hand hygiene - Disinfect with alcogelInstruction video describing step-by-step how to disinfect your hands (in preparation).
Pre-scan disinfectionBefore scanning, some basic disinfection like door handles must be done (in preparation).
Post-scan disinfectionAfter scanning, a thorough disinfection of the facility must be done. This is a very important step.
Peripheral equipment disinfectionAll devices like the response boxes, headset and physiological monitoring sensors must be disinfected (in preparation).