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Type: Form
File Description
PDF icon GIfMI_pre_checklist_onderzoekers_NDL-1.pdf GIfMI MRI Safety Checklist - Pre Scan - Researcher - NLD
PDF icon GIfMI_post_checklist_NDL-1.pdf GIfMI MRI Safety Checklist - Post Scan - NLD
PDF icon GIfMI_pre_checklist_NDL-1.pdf GIfMI MRI Safety Checklist - Pre Scan - NLD
PDF icon GIfMI_key_application_form.pdf Form to be completed to receive a key to access the GIfMI facility
Type: Manual
File Description
PDF icon GIfMI_printing_protocols.pdf Tutorial on exporting protocol parameters to a pdf file
PDF icon MRI_Simulator_Manual.pdf Manufacturer manual of the MRI Simulator
PDF icon MoTrak_operator_manual.pdf Manufacturer manual of the MoTrak system of the MRI Simulator
PDF icon SimFx_user_manual.pdf Manufacturer manual of de SimFx software of the MRI Simulator
PDF icon GIfMI_mock_scanner_manual_full_nld.pdf Informatie en handleiding van de MRI Simulator
PDF icon GIfMI_booking_manual_nld.pdf Gedetailleerde handleiding rond het maken van een boeking van één van de GIfMI faciliteiten
PDF icon GIfMI_mock_scanner.pdf Information and manual of the MRI Simulator of GIfMI
PDF icon GIfMI_booking_manual.pdf Detailed explanation on how to make a booking of one of the GIfMI facilities
Type: Information
File Description
PDF icon GIfMI_location.pdf Map of the Ghent University Hospital with the location of GIfMI
PDF icon GIfMI_map_and_directions.pdf Maps of GIfMI and the Ghent University Hospital Campus with detailed mobility information
PDF icon GIfMI_facility_access.pdf Information on how to request access to the GIfMI facilities
PDF icon GIfMI_organisation.pdf Information on the organisation of GIfMI
PDF icon GIfMI_user_account.pdf Information on how to create an user account on the GIfMI website
Type: Policy
File Description
PDF icon GIfMI_booking_policy.pdf Policy on making a booking of one of the GIfMI facilities
PDF icon GIfMI_study_proposal_flowchart.pdf Flowchart showing GIfMI Study Proposal Policy
PDF icon GIfMI_study_proposal_policy.pdf Policy on starting a study at GIfMI